Monday, September 19, 2016

Enjoy intense and powerful ejaculations

Increase in volume of semen production and sperm count is significant for having powerful and intense ejaculations and male sexuality.  A woman can conceive easily if a man has high sperm count and sperm motility.  Avoid wearing tight underpants, hot water baths, obesity, eating too much junk food or caffeine, excessive alcohol and smoking, stress are a few causes that can be harmful for semen volume and sperm count which causes infertility and decreases the intensity of ejaculations. 

Have an improved lifestyle and have foods which provide necessary minerals, amino acids and vitamins to naturally boost up semen production and sperm count.   Zinc is an important mineral and foods like lamb, oysters, beans, pumpkin seeds and some which contain rich sources of zinc.  Tomatoes, tuna, asparagus, broccoli, eggs and green leafy vegetables are some other foods which help in increasing semen production and sperm count and are also important for overall health.  Regular exercising, getting enough sleep and rest improves sexual health and allows you to have more pleasurable time with your partner.  

Besides leading a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of foods, there are herbal supplements available to ease the problem of infertility in men.  These herbal supplements contain all the necessary nutrients that help increase the semen volume and count, works as hormonal balances and reduce stress and anxiety.  They are safe with no side effects – learn more