Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Increase Sperm Count and Fertility naturally

There are many reasons why women find it difficult and are unable to get pregnant and one of the reasons is having a low sperm count.  Men can increase their sperm count and semen volume naturally by having a diet that is high in zinc and Vitamin E because of its anti-oxidant effect helps the sperm to be more fertile and stronger.  Eat avocados, eggs, sweet potatoes and apples for Vitamin E.  Semen contains a lot of zinc and when a man ejaculates he loses a lot of it and as zinc is an important nutrient in sperm production it is essential to replace the zinc that is lost.  Shellfish, pine buts, eggs, cashew nuts, oysters, liver and fish contain zinc and hence it is important to eat these foods.

Another problem for low sperm count is when the temperature of the testicles is raised too high and hence wears loose fitting underwear like boxers and avoid laptop usage to avoid high heat in the groin area.  You can also try having a warm bath for half an hour every night which will help lower the temperature and thus increase the sperm production. Sperm count is highest in the morning and hence make love in the mornings and try to give a gap of 2-3 days before having sex.  Alcohol, smoking and caffeine have an effect on sperm production.

Herbal supplements for increasing semen count have gained a lot of popularity as the herbs contained in it improves the body functions especially the reproductive area.    They increase the sperm volume as well as the semen count effectively with no side effects.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reasons for Low Semen Volume and Sperm Count

Many men today have been experiencing fertility issues and this is due to environmental and lifestyle that one leads.  To increase sperm count it is very important to have a good diet and eliminate processed foods which are high in sugar or caffeine content.  Instead have healthy foods that are high in zinc, antioxidants and amino acids that help to boost semen volume and sperm count.  Body temperature plays an important role in sperm production and if the temperature of the testes rises it is bad for sperm. Hence try and avoid hot showers and saunas and wear loose fitting pants and boxers.  
If a man is stressed and anxious, this can also lower your sperm levels so it is important to keep stress out of our life as stress causes change in hormonal levels and the nutrients are lost which are needed for sperm production.  To lower stress, exercise regularly by taking a walk or doing yoga and meditation.

The best way is to take herbal sperm enhancement supplements which are gaining a lot of popularity as they increases the sperm count as well as the semen volume in a safe and effective way.  Try herbal sperm enhancement supply and notice the increase in the volume as well as the semen count.   

Monday, May 14, 2018

Increase Semen Volume by taking proper foods

To increase the semen volume and quality of the sperm, it is important to eat the right kinds of food.   Have a proper diet and change unhealthy eating habits can help increase semen levels.  Have foods that have the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help boost semen production.

Consumption of enough water every day is very important for the proper functioning of the body and in order to increase semen level one should not be dehydrate and have enough of water.  Zinc not only helps in increasing the semen levels but also makes the sperm healthy. Foods that contain zinc are oysters, nuts, almonds, eggs, pulses, sea food and meat which help in enhancing semen quality as well as producing healthy sperm.  Oatmeal is very good as it contains necessary zinc and amino acids for proper semen production.  All types of fruits and vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, avocado and leafy green vegetables, okra are also good for increasing semen volume.

Avoid spicy and salty food, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol as they are bad for semen volume and quality.  Sleep well, keep your weight under control and exercise regularly to keep your body fit and healthy.

Taking a  sperm enhancing supplement also helps in increasing the semen volume and sperm count effectively and also improve the quality of sperms.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Herbal supplements for low sperm count and large semen volume

Low sperm count or oligospermia is the main cause for male infertility; if a male has less than 20 million spermatozoa in 1 ml of semen, it is considered as low sperm count.       There are many reasons which cause low sperm count lifestyle related issues, psychological factors as well as physical disorders.  Too much stress can alter hormonal balance in a male's body which can affect the number of sperms in semen to promote infertility. Men suffering from early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction can also promote the problem of low sperm count. Wearing tight fitting clothes,   exposure of testicles to heat like in sauna bath or hot water tub bath, too much bicycling and improper diet all can cause low sperm count.  Smoking, too much alcohol intake and obesity are other reasons which can decrease sperm count.

However low sperm count can be treated effectively through herbal sperm enhancing supplements.   Since it contains all natural ingredients there are no side effects in taking these supplements.  It increases sperm count as well as the semen volume, promotes blood flow to the male genitals, improves the immunity system, sexual stamina, potency and gives stronger orgasms.  These herbal supplements addresses all the problems related to low sperm count.  Take an effective   herbal supplement to increase your sperm count and semen volume naturally with no side effects  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to increase sperm count and fertility

Low sperm count is one of the reasons why your partner is getting difficult to get pregnant.  There are natural ways that helps increase sperm count and volume which would make you become a parent faster.

First one should follow a healthy diet and have a diet high in Vitamin E and zinc which are essential in sperm production.  Eat foods like avocados, eggs, peanuts, apples, oysters, shellfish, pecan nuts, cashew nuts, liver and fish.  Raw sunflower seeds also help increase a man’s sperm count.

Sperm count is highest in the morning as your body is recharged and no much energy is used elsewhere so make love in the morning or early afternoon..  Limit yourself to a break for few days before having sex as if a man ejaculates less many sperm can be produced and there is more ejaculation.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking as it affects sperm production.

Testicle overheating is another problem and this kills live sperm and lessens the amount of sperm during ejaculation.  You should wear boxers and avoid heat in the groin area; even the use of laptop can increase the temperature.  Having lukewarm bath every night helps lower the temperature and increases sperm production.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Increase Your Semen count and volume: Experience pleasurable sex with natural sperm enhancement supplements

If you want to start a family and she is having difficulty in conceiving, then low sperm count may be the problem.  To help start a family you should know what causes low sperm count.   Being obese and having an unfit body is one of the causes of low sperm count; to have a fit and healthy body you should stop smoking, alcohol and drug use which brings your semen count low.  Start by exercising regularly – do a brisk half an hour walk and some cardiovascular exercises which can help you boost your sperm levels.  Eat a well balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken and proteins.

There are herbal sperm enhancing supplements available which are formulated to help men increase their sperm volume as well as semen count.  They contain all essential potent herbs that overcome the problem of low semen count and volume.  They do not need a prescription and are safe and effective which will also help you improve your sex life.   These herbal supplements help you produce more semen which results in an intense orgasm which increases your sexual stamina and make you feel more virile and also helps in conceiving. Read more about an effective sperm enhancer which help to boost semen volume and sperm count naturally and safely.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What is Low Sperm Count?

Men worry that if their sperm count, which is one of the common tests to determine his fertility, is low then the chances of having a child will be diminished.  The average low count is 10 million active sperm cells per milliliter of fluid.  However, in some cases men having a quantity of sperm of two to five million per milliliter can also become parents. , who have been capable of becoming parents. Low sperm count can be caused due to the lifestyle and diet that one is having.

You can increase low semen volume and boost the amount of sperm no matter what your age though it does decrease with age. Men enjoy sex and give pleasure to their women when they have an increased semen volume as producing high amounts of semen when ejaculating is considered manly and the women too are happy when a man produces more sperm for her.

A man can now improve his sperm count and increase semen volume by having a healthy diet, staying hydrated, exercising, cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes and delay ejaculation.  There are sperm enhancing herbal supplements which are gaining popularity as these pills are effective and safe.  You will notice an increase in your sperm count and semen volume by taking these herbal supplements – to know more visit www.maxocum.com