Monday, June 22, 2015

How to overcome your Low Sperm Count

It is a known fact that sperm and semen levels do decrease as one grows older but you need not worry about low semen volume as you can increase the volume no matter what your age.  Men love to enjoy sex and give pleasure to women by producing high amounts of semen while ejaculating. 

You can now increase the amount of semen using natural way by improving your diet which is high in proteins and low in carbs.  You need to exercise as it boosts the testosterone levels which improve your sperm count and volume.  One therefore should exercise regularly and be in good shape which is important for your sperm quality and quantity.

Drinks lots of water and fruit juices that help the sperm become more fluid and it helps increase the volume too. Avoid becoming dehydrated too often as it decreases sperm volume and hence increase your water intake.

Delaying and controlling ejaculation is useful as it helps maintain male libido and improve semen.  Also too much ejaculation reduces quality of semen. Cut down on alcohol and smoking is it lowers testosterone levels and weak libido.

If you want to increase your sperm count and volume safely, take herbal sperm enhancement supplements that works very well for increasing sperm count, sperm motility, testosterone levels and also strengthens muscles to boost energy and sexual desire.