Thursday, September 19, 2013

Worried About Low Sperm Count?

High sperm count and healthy sperm is truly important for guys, not only for fertility reasons, but also because it gives them the much needed sexual self confidence. However, not every mans semen is as healthy as it could be, this can be upsetting for self-esteem.

A main cause of low sperm countis lifestyle factors. Your dietary habits, smoking and drinking habits can significantly affect sperm count and quality. Those into drugs also face this problem. Besides, not giving sufficient space for your scrotum to breathe may also affect the health of healthy sperm cells. Sperm cells cannot survive if they are subjected to intense heat.

A healthy diet including low fat and whole grains will make certain supply of essential vitamins, proteins and nutrients to help the body in being healthy. Certain foods like oysters, wheat germ, asparagus and avocado are particularly recommended for improving semen quality as they are rich sources of vitamins, amino acids and zinc which overcome low sperm count problems.

Natural or herbal supplements are the finest options these days and can help improve your fertility. Such supplements are getting more and more accepted since they not just increase fertility in men and boost semen volume but also guarantee overall sexual enhancement.