Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy ways to improve your fertility

Men seem to evaluate their manhood with the quantity of semen they ejaculate. Low levels of semen and sperm lowers one’s confidence. However, larger semen volume would instantly boost your self-esteem and make you perform better in bed.

General and effective ways to Increase sperm and semen volume:

1. One of the most common causes of low sperm volume is recurrent ejaculation either through intercourse or masturbation. Hence, one of the best ways to improve your semen volume would be abstinence from ejaculating at least for some time. The recommended duration is 3 days.
2. Refrain from wearing tight undergarments or jeans. Tight clothing especially in the groin area increases heat around the testicles which has an adverse effect on the semen volume and sperm count. Wearing boxers is a good way to go about.
3. Minimize you intake of tobacco. Smoking largely affects sexual and reproductive health. It restricts blood flow to the penis that also leads to erectile dysfunction. Nicotine is biggest cause behind sexual problems. Hence, it is best to quit smoking or reduce its intake.
4. High on fluids- Water plays a key role for hydrating your body. Dehydration affects semen volume and count. At least 8 glasses of water should be consumed in a day.
5. Say no to fat - Extra fat in your body can increase estrogen levels which affects testosterone production. Low levels of testosterone reduce semen production and sperm count.
6. Zinc and magnesium rich foods provide your body with essential fats like Omega 3 that boost testosterone production which is essential to increase semen volume.
7. Last but certainly not the least; herbal semen enhancement supplements are one of the most effective ways to increase sperm and semen production. Such supplements are made from a combination of highly potent herbs that are beneficial to sexual health. Natural supplements are proven to boost sperm production by up to 500% just within a few months.

Besides, they also help increase your sex drive or libido so that you and your partner can enjoy intense orgasms.

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