Monday, September 14, 2009

How can one’s Weight affect one’s Sperm Quality?

A famous report indicates that, obese men may have lower sperm counts and lower quality sperm (lower quality sperm may also lead to a higher miscarriage rate). Your eating habits and sperm count is related. The more you eat, the fatter you get, the lesser the sperm count. Similarly, the less you eat the healthy you get and better the sperm production will be.

Overweight men tend lack confidence due to their being obese. This can affect how much or how little sex they have. One apparently needs to have at least some sex drive and effort when having sex which raises testosterone levels. Testosterone is what helps you to get quality sperm. Although testosterone specifically doesn’t make sperm, it does influence your sexual drive which affects the production of sperm. If you have a decrease in your testosterone it could lead to the problem of a low libido. It is a vicious circle really because if you are overweight you tend not to exert the effort that you may if you were thinner, therefore decreasing your sperm, which can make you feel less like having sex.

Also, people who are overweight also have a problem with their diets. Their diets may be lacking in nutrients such as Zinc that helps to produce sperm. Without a good absorption of Zinc you may have loss of motility in sperm which can equate to infertility. Losing sperm alone is bad enough but to add a lack of quality sperm it can be very detrimental to you if you are trying to start a family.

Also, the fat which gets collected in the vein blocks and influences the metabolism of sex hormones which in turn disrupts the sperm production and lowers the count. Diabetic patients also suffer from low rate of sperm count due to increased sugar level in the blood.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Benefits of using Sperm Enhancement pills…

Sperm pills are supplements that have been proven to increase ejaculation fluid, sperm activity, and sperm count during the ejaculation process. A sperm pill not only greatly enhances the sexual experience in and of itself, but also the ejaculation process.
Male enhancement supplements containing a high level of amino acids assist the body in creating more ejaculation fluid.

The benefits of using an Herbal sperm pill are numerous. Due to the prevalence of certain herbs and aprhrosiades, the pill not only increases the sperm count, but the sperm activity is also magnified.

There are a few herbal supplements on the market today such as MaxoCum herbal pills for sperm enhancement...they have naturally high levels of amino acids as an ingredient. Not only are these remarkable products known to increase penis erection, size, stamina, desire, and performance, they have become leaders in the industry by providing increased ejaculation fluid production. These pills work by producing up to 500% more sperm and getting rock-hard erections, thanks to the unique blend – it stimulates sperm and testosterone production in the testes.

In order to increase libido, sexual stimulation and virility, the scientists use herbs for centuries in certain parts of the world, such as South America and Asia. Thousands of years were necessary to develop this formula to its perfectly effect on the male sexual tonic.

In short - Herbal male enhancement pills have become particularly popular for three primary reasons:
• They are made from natural ingredients.
• They are safe even in long term use
• They are convenient to take.
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