Monday, June 30, 2014

How to increase sperm count and semen volume

Sperm count and semen volume play major roles in sex for a man.  In medical terms, semen volume between 1.0 ml and 6.5 ml in average healthy men is considered as normal   whereas the World Health Organization specifies that normal minimum semen volume must be above 2.0 ml. Low semen volume can result from various reasons; medical reasons,  age, hereditary, food habits, alcohol, smoking, drugs and overall general health could result in reduction of sperm production.  If you don’t get proper sleep then it can cause stress which would also affect the sperm production and also obesity which is another main cause for lack of sperm motility and sperm count. 

Healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and healthy diet help in increasing the sperm count as well.  Food items comprising low fat, high fiber, whole grains, spinach, asparagus and fruits are recommended for overall semen quality.  You should increase your fluid intake and alcohol and tobacco should be avoided.

There are natural sperm enhancing herbal supplements which are very popular and a safe way of increasing low sperm count as they have no side effects and boost up the process by addressing the main problem.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Easy Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count


There are several ways through which you can increase sperm count . The following are some of the ways

1)   Exercise keeps you fit and helps improve blood circulation through your body which promotes extra semen production.   Try to avoid cycling as it will have a negative effect.

2) Lose excess weight gradually and maintain a healthy body weight. Losing a few extra pounds could really improve your results quickly as it leads to increased production of estrogen in your body.

3) Eat healthy food and your diet should include high protein, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and a vitamin supplement. Avoid any fatty and acidic foods.  If you have a proper diet your semen count will build up and you will also feel healthier.  

4) It is important to have proper sleep and adequate rest.  Do not take too much of stress/anxiety as too much stress can affect the sperm production.

5)  Reduce your alcohol consumption and cut down on smoking as this can have an impact on your liver function thereby reducing your chance to product high amount of semen.  Once you quit smoking you will notice an increase in semen.

6)  Wear loose clothing and avoid tight jeans as this can reduce the semen you create. Keep your testicles below body-temperature and avoid soaking in hot baths or sitting in saunas  to improve your semen mobility.

7)  Herbal sperm enhancement supplements can help increase your sperm count and semen volume without any side effects.