Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Common Risk Factors of Low Sperm Count

Male infertility and low sperm count has become predominant as a result of our changing lifestyle, environmental toxins and many others.   There are many other causes of low sperm count and cigarette smoking is one of them as it reduces the sperm production and also damages the DNA structure of the sperm and this affects the sperm quality and fertility thereby delaying conception.  Use of cocaine, marijuana can also reduce the sperm count and quality of a man.

Studies reveal that environmental factors which lead to continuous exposure to toxins and chemicals reduce sperm production in men which can hamper the function of the male hormone which creates new sperm.  Stress be it physical or mental also reduces sperm production which is due to the hormonal imbalance created by stress hormones in the body.    Overheating of the testicles like using hot bath tubs, wearing tight underclothes, continuous usage of placing the laptops on your thighs also reduces the sperm count.

Obesity is another fact that could affect your fertility health and hence it is necessary to maintain an optimum body index mass and remain fit.  Studies also reveal that continuous cycling for a long time can affect the quality of the sperm which would make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant.  As a man grows older, it takes time for his partner to get pregnant as compared to when he was younger.  Erectile dysfunction is another cause as it reduces testosterone activity which leads to low sperm production.

To increase your sperm count and quality, avoid smoking, abstain from alcohol, lose weight, avoid stress, reduce exposure to environmental toxins and take a sperm enhancement herbal pill which helps increase you sperm count and volume in a safe and effective way -