Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to boost male fertility naturally without surgery or expensive treatments?

A lot many men are trying hard to find a suitable treatment solution to increase sperm countand volume. A high sperm count is very essential as it is usually associated with one's manliness and virility. So, if increasing your sperm count is what you seek desperately, read on further to learn how to increase sperm count, potency and gain sexual confidence.

Firstly, a low sperm count is caused by several factors like a wrong lifestyle and certain environmental effects. Prominent Environmental factors that reduce sperm count include heat and high temperatures. This leads to infertility and hampers not only sexual activity but also one's chances of reproduction. Certain small changes like avoid a hot water bath, consuming the right diet, moderate level of exercises, limiting alcohol consumption and the like are usually quite effective in boosting the sperm count. Apart from this, a daily intake of natural supplements specifically designed to improve sperm count would take one a long way to be sexually fertile and potent. It is always advisable to go in for natural treatment options as these are virtually low on risk and increase male virility without causing any harm to the body. They work towards increasing sperm motility and mobility. A high zinc concentration in one's diet is also quite effective in improving sperm count and volume.

Another effective way to stop impotence is wearing loose clothes and undergarments. It is essential to keep the testicles in a proper temperature essential for greater sperm production. Also, masturbation activity should be limited. MaxoCum is a powerful male enhancement supplement that boosts your spermatozoids count and promotes healthy and satisfying sexual activity. Check the site for more details -

Monday, November 1, 2010

Useful Natural Tips To Improve Sperm Count!!

Every man is curious to know the ways to increase sperm count naturally and safely. Though a wide range of sperm enhancement methods are available in the market that claims to improve sperm count but most of them are associated with certain severe side-effects. Thus men always look for an easy way out to increase sperm count like some kind of tips or natural supplements.

Here given below are few top tips to increase sperm count:

Eat Healthy: Try including more vitamins and minerals in your diet. You should take a diet that include green leafy vegetables, whole grains etc. Avoid taking acidic, fatty or bitter foods.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption as it may decrease your sperm count and affects overall sperm health.

Exercise: Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes a day as it may improve your blood circulation and helps overcome low sperm count issue.

Loose Clothing: Wearing tight underwear may affects your sperm health thereby causing low sperm count and less semen production

Excess Heat: You should keep your testicles below body-temperature for best effects. Avoid soaking in hot baths or sitting in saunas as it may increase your body temperature. Stay cool and it will improve your semen mobility.

Natural Sperm Enhancement Supplement: There are some excellent natural supplements and vitamins available that can raise your production without any side effects at all. Make sure you choose supplements that are all-natural and made from herbal products.

There are certain fine quality sperm enhancement supplement that helps overcome low sperm count issue naturally and safely i.e. MaxoCum. MaxoCum sperm enhancement supplement improves overall sperm health including quantity and quality. It enhances sperm count, motility and volume. MaxoCum boosts sperm count up to 500%. It is 100% safe and has no fatal side-effects. To know more about this effective and powerful sperm enhancement formula, visit

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Overcoming Infertility and Low sperm count Problem with Vitamins and Minerals!!

Infertility and low sperm count are the two major sexual issues that are bothering millions of men worldwide. That is the reason why a requirement for male enhancement products has been increased a lot during past few years.

Moreover several studies showed that you can easily overcome infertility and low sperm count problem by taking proper nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. Here given below are some of these essential nutrients:


Vitamin C: - It is required for general well being. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. It is mainly found in citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit. Moreover vegetables like cabbage, peppers and broccoli are good source of Vitamin C. It not only improves your sperm count and motility but also prevents the clumping of sperm together which is also known as agglutination.

Vitamin E: - It helps overcome infertility issue in both females and males. Whole grains, seeds and nuts are good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E improves the strength of sperm to penetrate the egg and achieve conception

Vitamin B12:- Another vitamin that helps to get rid of infertility and low sperm count issue is Vitamin B12. It enhances sperm count and motility naturally. Beef, lamb and liver are excellent source of B12.

Amino Acids

Arginine: - It is an amino acid that is required to improve the sperm count and sperm motility. You can get a good amount of arginine from nuts, seeds and soy products


Zinc: - The vital mineral that is essential to overcome infertility and low sperm count. Beef, chicken, dairy, lamb and all protein foods are rich in zinc. It is recommended to take 10-30 mg of zinc per day.

However instead of taking the nutrients separately from different food items, you can try a natural male enhancement supplement that fulfills your body need for certain nutrients i.e. MaxoCum. MaxoCum is a male enhancement formula that increases sperm count up to 500% naturally. This male enhancement supplement contains highly effective herbs and nutrients that improve overall sperm health including quantity and quality thereby overcoming infertility issue. It boosts your performance in bed. MaxoCum male enhancement formula enhances your sexual desire and stamina. It is offered with 90 days money back guarantee. To know more about this herbal male enhancement supplement, visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Increase Low Sperm Count With Natural Herbs

If you are on a lookout for ways to increase sperm count and volume without drugs, surgery or side effects, then this article may prove fruitful. If you are a victim to low sperm counts that labeling you as an impotent, it is possible to increase your sperm count with natural herbs. Thousands of doctors and herbalists worldwide are now prescribing natural herbs to help men improve their sperm count, motility and morphology.

Chemical prescription drugs take a long period of time to show results and the results they offer are not guaranteed or permanent. The reason being, scientifically substances like lead, arsenic and mercury, and xenoestrogen chemicals are proven to impair sperm count. All of these are chemicals found in household products. So, there are certain medications that would react otherwise when combined with these substances in the body and thus may delay the process altogether.

Herbal remedies work towards balancing the hormones as the first step. Herbs contain plant-based testosterones that are super effective and significantly effective in increasing your testosterone levels naturally. Moreover, naturally induced testosterones are much safer than artificial hormones the pharmaceutical industry relies on.

Lastly, improve your diet. Get yourself to eat healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables, cut on alcohol, tobacco and caffeine intake. The male body takes an average of 90 days to produce new sperms, till this period a combination of healthy diet along with consumption of all natural herbal supplements will speed up your recovery process. Natural or herbal supplements improve your sperm health along with Increasing sperm motility, the quality and quantity of sperms, hormonal balance, sexual experience and natural testosterone.
Check website for more details on effective herbal product - made from 100% plant based ingredients - . MaxoCum has helped million men naturally start a family and improve their sexual lives without harming their bodies with any side effects.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why is Sperm Health so Important?

Drinking, Smoking, lack of exercise, taking drugs, stress, poor nutrition, tight underpants, have all been proved to decline the sperm quality. When we say that the quality of sperms is affected, we mean in the following ways. Sperm mobility , concentration, morphology, speed, sperm count and sub-fertility are the major areas affected. Any weakness in these areas, affect the chances of conception and disrupts normal sexual activity. Impotent men with abnormal sperm characteristics exhibit increased levels of DNA damage in their sperm.
Sperm Count - 50 million is the average sperm countfor normal males. Less than 40 million sperm count could indicate a problem.

Sperm Morphology (The Shape of the Sperms) - A tad pole shaped sperm has a much higher chance of reaching and fertilizing an egg than an oddly shaped sperm does.

Sperm motility- Motility enables the sperm to travel through the cervical canal, into the uterus and the fallopian tubes and, finally, to penetrate the egg.

The Speed of the sperms: In a healthy male, greater than 25% of sperm will exhibit progressive motility.

Sperm Concentration: Normal concentration is at least 20 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen.

Sub fertility: This refers to couples that are unable to achieve conception after a year of unprotected intercourse. Male-related factors account for 40 percent of sub fertility. Female-related factors account for another 40 percent.

By combining herbal medicines and supplements people have been able to effectively enhance and improve the quality of sperms. Not only do the count, morphology and motility improve but sperm fragmentation is also successfully treated. Successfully enhance blood flow to the testicles and facilitate healing and significant sperm improvement. Visit the website for more details -

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tips to increase semen/sperm count

Sexual intercourses that are done for producing babies require specific number of sperms in the semen without which, the semen is not capable to produce a baby.

A man with low sperm count must consume healthy food. The food that is full of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, proteins) etc is preferred. Dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits may help increasing the sperms. On the other hand, junk, canned, packed, spicy and oily foods and food that contains preservatives are to be avoided.

Regular Physical Workout: Many health care providers believe that practicing some exercises like Yoga and meditation help in relieving the stress that could be one of the reasons for low sperm count.

Herbs have been used in ancient times to increase sperm count and most modern people still prefer to use herbs in its raw form in order to increase sperm count. Herbs such as ashwagandha, guduchi, Spirulina, shatavari, kuchala, Butea, Shilajit etc. are few of the herbs those have been prescribed to treat various men sexual health problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido and low sperm count.

MaxoCum is natural sperm enhancement formula which enhances the quality and quantity of sperm. These pills are formulated from extracts of superior quality potent herbs that are known for their properties like libido increase, sexual arousal, and boosting virility. These herbs act on the male reproductive system in general and boost overall potency and sexual appetite. For more information on this product, visit its website

Monday, August 9, 2010

Simple ways to increase Sperm count and volume

There are many different factors which could be responsible for a low sperm count - the major causes being smoking, stress, genetics, poor nutrition, prescription drugs, obesity and infections. The fact is that it really is possible to increase sperm count naturally by following simple steps.

Tight underpants and jeans can lead to an increase in the temperature of your testicles. The temperature in your testicles is supposed to be 2 degrees lower than the normal body temperature for the production of healthy sperm. Therefore it is always advisable to avoid tight briefs and instead stick to good old boxers. Similarly, enjoy a cool shower instead of hot baths.

Do not keep cell phone in your trouser pocket, as it emits radiation that is harmful for good and healthy sperm production.

Another simple way on how to increase sperm count
is to take daily multivitamins, coupled with a healthy diet. Coming to your diet, it should include high protein, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains.

Beware of certain types of lubricants. A spermicidal type of lubricant will instantly kill the sperm upon contact.

Try to have sex in the early morning as it is thought that this is the time your sperm levels will be highest.

Natural semen pills are one of the best ways and also the most recommended way to boost fertility in men. They are packed with potent herbs that not only increase semen count and volume but they also boost libido and promote powerful orgasms. This is something which no solution could offer so easily and all at one go. The best selling natural semen supplements do not have any side effects and also come with a complete money back guarantee, so you are completely assured of getting rid of your disorder within days.

Make sure you choose supplements that are all-natural and made from herbal products. Effectively Increasing sperm count without side effects - visit -

Friday, July 30, 2010

Testing your sperm count and Volume... Are you facing fertility problems and Low sperm count?

While a low sperm count is often the main reason to low male fertility, there are other factors involved, which could be discovered through a sperm count test. The shape of your sperm, how they move, their pH balance, and many other things are taken into consideration.

A sperm count test measures the amount of sperm in one unit volume of semen. Usually, there are 20 million to 150 million of sperm in one unit of semen. If the sample has less than 20 million sperm per ml, this is considered to be a low sperm count (oligospermia). Less than 10 million is very low. Some men will have no sperms at all and are said to be azoospermic. The problem is detected through a microscopic examination.

• Seminal fluid needs to be 20 million cells per mL, to be considered 'healthy' enough to conceive.
Sperm Motility - Sperms are of 2 types - those which swim, and those which don't.Grade a (fast progressive) sperms are those which swim forward fast in a straight line. Grade b (slow progressive) sperms swim forward, but either in a curved or crooked line, or slowly. Grade c (non-progressive) sperms move their tails, but do not move forward and Grade d (immotile) sperms do not move at all. If motility is poor (only 20%) it is called asthenospermia.
• Sperm morphology - A good sperm should have a regular oval head, with a connecting mid-piece and a long straight tail. If too many sperms are abnormally shaped it is called teratozoospermia. When the majority of sperm have abnormalities such as round heads; pin heads; very large heads; double heads; absent tails, they will not be able to fertilize the egg.

Male fertility testing is performed at a clinic by a specialized doctor or nurse. Your specimen will be tested for overall numbers and health of the sperm cells. You’ll need a fresh specimen of your semen (not older than 24 hours). By using an eye-dropper, some small dishes (provided with the fertility kit), and some chemical solutions, you'll be able to see if you have enough sperm in your semen.
If the sperm test is abnormal, this will need to be repeated several times over a period of 3-6 months to confirm whether the abnormality is persistent or not. However, do not jump into conclusions as sperm count today can be improved through several beneficial ways - for more information - visit the website -

Friday, July 23, 2010

What is low sperm Motility - How to increase it naturally and Fast!!

Sperm Motility is the ability of the sperm to move and swim towards the egg. There are three broad categories in which sperm motility is classified into - non-motile, progressively motile or non-progressively motile. Non-motile is sperm that is dead and/or is not moving, progressively motile is sperm that is moving fine and non-progressively motile is sperm that is moving in circles or without direction towards the egg.

Any impairment on the sperm's mobility can mean a significant decrease in the capability of a man to get his partner pregnant, and enjoy a happy, sexual life. Sperms need not only be large in quantity; they must also be capable of moving in an efficient swimming pattern for a successful impregnation.

Fortunately it is possible to improve sperm motility relatively quickly by selecting the right foods, supplements and herbal remedies.
Eat foods rich in zinc. These include seafood (particularly oysters!), liver, lean cuts of red meat, nuts and grains.
Eat foods rich in selenium. It scavenges free radicals and is used by the testes to make selenoproteins, a vital protein required in sperm formation. Foods rich in selenium include eggs, brewer's yeast, Brazil nuts, garlic and seafood.
Eat foods rich in L-carnitine. L-carnitine-rich foods include lean cuts of meat and dairy products.

Low motility of the sperm may be caused by other factors besides nutritional deficiencies. One of the factors of low sperm motility is Hormonal deficiency. If this is your case, the procedure to adapt is using Natural/herbal medications... These medications will focus on balancing the hormones, along with increasing sperm count and volume and promoting a healthy sexual life. The range of Herbal supplements work well, you should be aware that there are no side effects associated with the intake of these supplements. They are very good sperm-motility, sperm count and sperm volume enhancers. They are made using natural ingredients that do not cause any adverse effects on the body. For more information on natural sperm enhancement - visit the website -

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Most Recommended Tips to Increase Sperm Count- The natural Way!!

Avoid dangerous and expensive sperm enhancement drugs and try useful natural tips to enhance sperm count as given below:

Healthy Diet

Whatever you eat, its get reflected by your health. The same is applied to your sexual life and sperm count. Eating healthy balanced diet including green leafy vegetables, whole grains, vitamin rich foods may improve your semen quality and sperm count.

Quit smoking and drugs intake

The consumption of recreational drugs for a longer period of time like marijuana, cocaine and alcohol will badly affects your sperm count. Furthermore smoking has an adverse effect on semen quality, thus it is better to quit smoking in order to enjoy a pleasurable sexual life.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best methods to maintain a healthy body and sexual life. Exercising for about 20-30 minutes will be beneficial in improving sperm quality. Moreover it helps fight stress which is again a major factor affecting sperm count and quality.

Keep your weight under control

Obesity or overweight may cause a dramatic reduction in sperm count and sperm production. Furthermore it will make you suffer from other sexual problems including fertility, impotence, low libido etc

Avoid tight clothing

Wearing tight underwear will increase the scrotal temperature which may impair sperm production. Thus it is recommended to wear loose boxers and loose fitting trousers.

Exposure to excessive Heat

Exposure to heat is extremely harmful for your sperm count. It affects sperm viability and mobility.

Herbal Sperm enhancement supplement

Herbal sperm enhancement supplements consist of herbs that are highly effective and powerful i.e. MaxoCum. MaxoCum is the only sperm enhancement supplement that increases sperm production up to 5 times. It enhances sexual energy and stamina. MaxoCum sperm enhancement supplement flames virility in men and improves sperm quality and quantity. It is 100% safe and doctor endorsed formulation. To know more about this incredibly effective sperm enhancement formula, visit

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easiest Steps to Increase Sperm Count and Health!!

It has always been a biggest myth that infertility is only a female concern. However the fact is that men do suffer from an infertility issue now a days. There are an ample of factors that are associated with male infertility including genetic problems, ilnesses, vasectomy reversal, Hormone imbalance, malformed sperm, low sperm count etc. Out of these, low sperm count is the most common cause of male infertility. A person may suffer from infertility issue when the level of sperm count is less than 20 million per milliliter.

Thus if you are suffering from an infertility issue and desire to increase your sperm count then here given below are certain tips:

• Exercise regularly for about 20 minutes a day.

• Try to meditate regularly as it will reduce your stress and puts you in a positive state of mind

• Try drinking a lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This all will help you detoxify your body

• Eat more of organic food which is free from pesticides and chemicals as these food items will increase your sperm count thereby improving your sperm health. They help you get rid of male infertility issue naturally

• Eat diet which is rich in Zinc. Zinc is one of the vital element that enhances sperm count, motility and health.

• Cigarette smoke contains numerous chemicals and toxins which may results in infertility and impotency.

• Refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol also has a negative effect on sperm health and decreases ejaculation volume.

• Quit alcohol consumption as it has negative effect on sperm count and health.

• Sleep well as it may increase your sperm count and semen volume. Try sleeping for atleast 8 hours

• Keep your body temperature down so as to prevent its negative effect on sperm count and health. It will reduce the risk of infertility.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Increase Sperm Count and Volume with Zinc:

Zinc deficiency can lead to low libido or sex drive, and can even affect the health of your sperm negatively thereby affecting your fertility. Besides, Zinc is also highly important for testosterone production, semen production as well as sperm count.

Zinc has been shown in studies to increase sperm count greatly. Zinc is extremely important for the production of testosterone which not only regulates sex drive and erectile function but also helps build sperm. Zinc causes an increased semen production that increases the pleasure of ejaculation and makes you enjoy intense orgasms.

Under clinical trials it has been observed that when sub fertile men are give zinc and folic acid supplements, they experienced an increase in sperm count over a few days. Zinc is actually found in semen and males lose a lot of zinc when they ejaculate. That's why it's important to replace it as soon as possible. Foods that are rich in zinc include those like oysters, red meat, bananas, poultry etc.

You should also consider taking a popular volume enhancing supplement. This work faster than anything you eat and it doesn't matter what you eat for these to take effect.

There are some natural or herbal supplements that can also be a big help. More and more men are now opting for natural semen enhancers. This is because supplements are a great blend of natural herbs and other nutrients like Zinc. MaxoCum is one such Herbal Supplement that not only increases semen production and boosts sperm count but also ensures rock hard erections and improves ejaculatory control. Moreover, High quality herbal supplements do not have any side effects and are absolutely safe. For more information - visit the website - . Now is the time to improve your sex life greatly and increase the chances of fertility by boosting sperm production by up to 500 times.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Increase Sperm Count and get Bigger, Harder Erections - Higher Sperm Count Stops Erectile Dysfunction:

Sperm production is very important factor in the sexual process. The fertility of men as well as a highly satisfying sexual experience depends on the sperm production or the sperm count.

Every man wants to have stronger longer lasting erections along with a higher sperm count. With a higher sperm count and harder erections you will also achieve longer and more powerful orgasms then ever imagined.
A reduced sperm count but also reduces blood circulation to the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction which is dreaded by most men. Besides, the main causes of low fertility are overheating of testicles during intense exercises or wearing tight clothing in the groin area.

Typically, during an erection, sexual arousal causes increased blood flow to the penile area. These arteries expand, allowing for more blood to enter the penile region, while the veins that control the blood flowing out of the penis simultaneously contract. The hardening effect that this process has on the tissues of the penis is what causes an erection. At the peak of penile arousal, ejaculation occurs, in which the sperm is released from the penis. The larger the amount of fluid ejaculated, the more pleasurable the sexual experience, as well as the greater chance for increased sperm count.

There are quite a few natural pills that can be highly effective in stopping erectile dysfunction whilst improving sperm count at the same time. Such pills are completely natural and do not have any side effects. Get the best herbal pills available - Maxocum which is capable of increasing your semen production by as much as 500%.Now, improve your sperm count and achieve rock hard erections for satisfying sex. For more information - visit the website -

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is your cell phone the cause to suffering from a low sperm count?

Many Researches indicate that cell phones can harm the function of male sperm count. Cell phone radiation is responsible for a 30% reduction in sperm count in men who carry cell phones on belt clips

Scientists have found that cell phone signals can affect five essential issues in semen production. They are:
• Motility
• Sperm count
• Morphology
• Viability
• Liquefaction

Fertility experts recommend in the four months preceding conception, to avoid even low levels of radiation for both males and females.

The Link between Cell Phone Radiations and Low Sperm Count:
Animal studies have shown that sperm-making cells in the testes are particularly vulnerable to low-level radiation from exposure to cell phones, which was previously thought to be harmless. Non-ionizing cell phones radiation overheats cells, affecting their growth and normal development.
It has also been proven to cause damage to the blood vessels in the brain, which may be a cause of concern for many reproductive organs in the Brain.

The Solution - Get rid of a low Sperm Count and use your cell phone more smartly...
Never carry a cell phone on the belt or in a pocket near the groin, where it can raise the temperature in this sensitive area high enough to cause permanent cell damage.
Those in the reproductive age should limit their cell use to only necessary calls and keeping calls concise will eliminate extended exposure to radiation. Remember that men who keep their cells turned on in their front pocket can reduce their sperm count by thirty percent. Purchase a low radiation cell phone. Avoid any kind of radiation whether it is non ionizing or ionizing should be avoided by couples. It would be best to remove any electronic devices inside your bedroom. This way, you are ensured that no radiation is emitted while you are sleeping. These steps will prove effective in keeping radiation away from your body.

However, if already a victim to oligospermia (low Sperm count) - then the best way out would be by regularly consuming natural sperm enhancement supplements. For more information on natural and safe Fertility solutions - visit the website -

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The complete solution for improving your overall sexual virility

Men wish to increase their semen production for various reasons, including higher fertility and longer orgasms, or even just to boost their self-esteem. In many men, the sperm count may be too insignificant to cause a proper ejaculation. Some may suffer from the lack of sperm motility. There can be a number of problems related to sexuality in men. Low sperm count is often associated with an unsatisfied sexual experience, which may result in a physical as well as mental blockade.

There are quite a number of prescription drugs available in the market that is found to be associated with a plethora of side effects. MaxoCum male enhancement capsules do not affect the chemical balance of the body and are absolutely sans side effects and promises a much increased sperm count and better and firmer long-lasting erections. MaxoCum, sperm enhancement remedy is considered to be the safest for the health. Besides, they are highly accessible for those who wish to increase the amount of semen they produce because they are available without prescription.

MaxoCum, herbal semen enhancement remedy

• Helps to boost semen volume and sperm count
• It promotes spermatogenesis
• Gives bigger & better orgasms
• Improves testicular, epidermal and seminal vesicle functions
• Boosts your fertility and potency

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Increase your semen volume naturally!!!

A healthy sex life is what every man desires. If he is unable to fulfill it owing to sexual problems, then it may lead him to depression, frustration and lack of self-confidence. Large semen volume , potency and intense orgasm are what every man would desire to want to satisfy his partner and are an experience that every man cherishes.

According to World Health Organization an average man should produce 2-5 ml of semen per ejaculation. Anything less or more than this count is abnormal. Sperm count should also not be less than 20 million per ml for a man to be considered fertile.

The major cause of male infertility is failure to produce enough healthy sperm.
Azoospermia (complete absence of sperm in the semen) and Oligospermia (in which too few sperm are produced) both cause infertility.

More sperms mean a strong explosion and an intense orgasm. It is an experience that every man cherishes to satisfy his partner. The thumb rule for having a memorable sexual experience is to have a stronger and long lasting erection aided with an intense orgasm. The volume of cum decides the degree of satisfaction for both the partners. Although men get such orgasms during sex, but the frequency of such orgasms is not satisfying for all of them. People keep on looking for something that will give them intense and fulfilling orgasms every time they make love to their partner.

Fertility problems may appear due to a series of ailments like low sperm motility, insufficient sperm count or low seminal volume.

Herbal remedies are on a rise as they are effective and have no side-effects. MaxoCum can help you to enhance your sperm in a natural way. Maxocum pills are 100% safe and guaranteed, unlike any other conventional medical treatment.It is amedically approved herbal formulation which serves the purpose of increasing semen volume as well as sperm count. For more information on this product, visit its website

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Low sperm count is one of the important reasons for male infertility…..

is a big problem for many couples today, the number of remedies is low and that is why many doctors are facing problems when they need to recommend a medicine which is capable to work exactly on this problem. Generally, a man ejaculates between 10 and 40 million sperms and he suffers from infertility if this number is somewhere around the 9 million. There are cases when 13 million isn’t enough.

Benefits of increased sperm production
With an increased volume of sperm, you will experience longer orgasms, more satisfying and intensive than before. There are many other benefits of increased sperm production. You will experience a boost in confidence and a rise in sexual desire. You will experience improved fertility, powerful ejaculations, intensified orgasms and highly sexual stimulation. Men, around the world, are interested in sperm enhancement and in methods by which they can increase the quantity of semen they ejaculate every time they have sex. Men wish to increase their semen production for various reasons, including higher fertility and longer orgasms, or even just to improve their self-esteem.

The natural medicine or herbal medicine is the best way to overcome a general ailment or a sexual disorder. Herbal supplements are safe and do not come with any side effects. The herbs constitute a number of healing properties as well as, some act as strong aphrodisiacs that greatly enhance the sexual functions and increases the sperm count. Maxocum is a safe herbal pill that will add ecstasy to your sex sessions and is an effective remedy for low sperm count and other male impotence symptoms. For more information on this sperm and semen enhancement product, visit its website

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conventional and Natural treatments for Sperm Enhancement!!

Low sperm count is the biggest obstacle for those men who are trying to get their wives pregnant. However other factors causing infertility are poor sperm motility, and volume.

Today men are provided with two options for sperm enhancement- conventional treatments and natural sperm enhancement methods

Here given below are certain conventional treatments which are very popular now a days-

Superovulation and intrauterine insemination- This treatment is advised when sperm count is just moderately low. It is one of the easiest methods for men to improve sperm count. However if pregnancy doesn’t occur after 4 treatment cycles then try another treatments.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection):- This method is recommended when motile sperm count is less than 5 million or IVF has failed. It involves transferring fertilized egg to a special growth medium for 48 hours. ICSI aka microinjection is an innovative treatment that overcomes the problem of infertility.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) - It is used to test whether the sperm can fertilize the egg at first place. In this method the sperm are incubated outside the woman’s womb for about 18 hours. The chances of pregnancy are very good if fertilization take place within those 18 hours.

Furthermore natural sperm enhancement methods involves several sperm enhancing pills, supplements which improves sperm motility, count and volume naturally i.e. MaxoCum.

MaxoCum is a natural sperm enhancer that boosts your sperm count up to 5 times. It improves sperm quality and quantity. MaxoCum is made of highly effective and powerful herbs that help to get rid of infertility problem without causing any side-effect. The finest herbal ingredients of MaxoCum fulfill the body requirement for nutrients. Just 1-2 capsules twice daily will work for you. To know about MaxoCum -sperm enhancement formula in detail, visit

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Herbal Sperm Enhancement Products Features and Benefits!!

Many men now a days are interested in sperm enhancement and in methods which are helpful in increasing the quantity of semen they ejaculate every time during sexual intercourse. Men desire to have increased semen production for various reasons like higher fertility, longer orgasms, increased self-esteem more sexual enjoyment etc. That is the reason why a number of sexual enhancement products are flourishing in the market. However for most of the people, the first choice among sexual enhancement products is herbal or natural supplement.

Natural products are always on priority because they may not effects the chemical balance of the body. These products are 100% safe and have no nasty side-effects. Furthermore herbal sperm enhancement products are easily accessible for all as they are available without prescription. Herbal sperm enhancement products are considered as dietary supplement that’s why they can be taken by everyone who wishes to increase their fertility without any risk involved.

MaxoCum is one such safe and effective sperm enhancement supplement which is completely natural. The potent and beneficial herbal ingredients of MaxoCum help an individual to increase his fertility, sperm count, motility and semen volume. It improves the overall quantity and quality of sperm. MaxoCum increase the production of sperm up to 5 times and enhances your sexual desire and stamina. This natural sperm enhancement supplement is FREE from fatal side-effects. MaxoCum is a non-prescription supplement which can be taken by anyone who desire to get rid of infertility problem. To know more about this efficient sperm booster, visit

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sperm Health and Pregnancy!!

If you are planning to have a child then you must have a normal sperm count, motility and volume as these factors plays a vital role in fertilization process resulting in pregnancy. For pregnancy to take place, only one sperm is required which may get fertilized with one egg. However when sperm travels towards the egg, it has to deal with certain obstacles. Thus in order to make your wife pregnant, normal sperm count and motility is required.

Normally the sperm count should be 20 million per ml. Furthermore half of the sperm should be motile for fertilization to take place. Any sperm abnormality like low sperm count, poor motility may leads to infertility. There are certain factors causing low sperm count and motility i.e.
• Stress
• Impotence
• Testicular exposure to heating
• Substance abuse
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Malnutrition and deficiencies
• Bicycling
• Genetic factors
• Environmental assaults
• Exposure to heavy metals
• Radiation treatment
• Varicocele

However you can easily overcome all your fertility issues by consuming a healthy nutrients rich herbal supplement like MaxoCum. MaxoCum is a perfect herbal sperm enhancement remedy that improves the overall health of sperm including quality and quantity. It boosts your sperm count up to 5 times and helps you to get rid of infertility issue.

MaxoCum has been medically approved by well-renowned doctors and herbalist for its efficacy. Being an herbal supplement it is 100% safe and has no nasty side-effects. To know more about this promising sperm enhancement remedy, visit

Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Increase Sperm Count without Drugs, Surgery and side effects!!

A good sperm count is essential for men to be fertile and enjoy a good sex life.
• The Main causes of low fertility are:
• Excessive alcohol and smoking
• Hormonal imbalance or a decline in testosterone levels
• Urinary tract infection
• Hot baths, sauna baths
• Tight clothing in the groin area
• Substances scientifically proven to impair sperm production include heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic and mercury, and xenoestrogen chemicals found in common household products, pesticides sprayed on food and cosmetics.

Here are simple ways to increase your sperm count in a short period of time.

• Take vitamin supplements such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vitamin E increases your sperm count while Vitamin C increases the production of sperm and sperm mobility.
• Don't wear tight clothing especially in the crotch area as it increases the heat around the testicles which can reduce the sperm production and count.
• Don't take hot bath. A Cool environment is the best condition for the sperms to develop.
• Maintain an ideal body weight as it ensures your estrogen and testosterone levels to stay normal.

Men need to prioritize an approach on how to increase sperm count, which is proven safe and effective. Herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba, Astragalus root, L-arginine, Ginseng etc can naturally increase sperm count. You can take these without the fear of side effects or any discomfort. MaxoCum is a well known herbal supplement that contains plant-based testosterones that can help increase your own levels of testosterone naturally. It increases the sperm count and volume naturally in a short period of time.

Herbal medicines are getting more and more popular with a large number of men opting for them as an aid to boost their overall sexual health and performance. Such natural formulations also ensure rock hard erections and improve sex drive or stop impotence. For more details on herbal medicines to improve sperm count – visit the website –

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Low Sperm Count Remedy – Conventional or Herbal Solution:

The release of semen with a flow of sperm in a greater volume on completion of sexual intercourse showers a spell of pleasures on you. It also deepens your desire for sex next time. Therefore, the decreased level of sperm volume is a sexual ailment that deprives you of sexual gratification. Lack of satisfaction even after long hours of sex due to decreased discharge of sperm makes your sexual life unsatisfying. The greater sperm volume is the denser is semen.

Not only has the penetration of the sex organ with stiff erections but also the discharge of semen with a greater sperm count determines your manliness, sexual strength and sexual ecstasy. In order to make their sex life more satisfying and enjoyable, a lot of men would like to have an increase in their sperm count. Low sperm count affects the fertility of men which would cause a hindrance to couples planning to have a baby.

The natural medicine or herbal medicine is the best way to overcome a general ailment or a sexual disorder. The best part of combating an ailment with the natural formula is that there are no side effects like the prescription drugs available which have a lot of harmful side-effects.

MaxoCum, the herbal sperm enhancement capsule outlasts non-herbal and prescription medications. Prescription drugs merely claim to naturally increase sperm count but their effects are not free from health risks. Maxocum works efficiently and effectively to naturally increase sperm count. It raises the level of sperm volume to increase sperm count in a greater quantity and higher quality without any side-effects. For more details of this product visit its website

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tips to Improve Sperm Health and Fertility!!

Male Infertility is defined as the inability of a man to become a father. Infertility in males occurs due to different reasons like low sperm count, improper shape, low sperm motility, sperm transport, volume, anatomical problems and blockage of the vas deferens. Many coules now a days are facing this problem. Infertility occurs both in males and females. However majority of fertility cases are of males. Low sperm count is the leading cause of male fertility which may be temporary or permanent.

Furthermore reduction in sperm count occurs due to several reasons cycling, performance pressure, heavy duty tasks, insomnia, emotional stress and exposure to heat etc. However you can improve your sperm count by following given below tips:

Exercise reguarly: Exercise will keep you fit, healthy by controlling your body weight, and stress

Minimize Stress: Stress may leads to hormonal changes which results in infertility.

Obesity: Obesity may cause low sperm count thus a person should keep his or her weight under control. Obesity affects tesetsreone levels which results in infertility

Maintain body temperature: vigorous exercises, hot tubs, saunas may cause increase in body temperature which results in low sperm count.

Exposure to heavy metals: Heavy metals toxins may affects sperm count and production.

Age: In men fertility reduces after 30 years of age. So it is advisable to plan for a baby before the age of 30.

According to World Health Organization:

 Semen amount should be at least 2 ml
 The concentration of sperms should be at least 20 million per ml.
 Around 75% of the sperms should be alive and not dead
 Around 30% of the sperms should be of normal shape and size
 Around 25% of the sperms should have proper rapid forward movement while swimming towards ovums.

People with above mentioned health conditions are said to be fertile. However others can improve their sperm health by taking safe and proper medication like MaxoCum. MaxoCum is a complete sperm health supplement that is completley safe for usage. It is made up of potent and natural ingredients that improves your sperm count, volume, and motility. This herbal supplement contains the required vitamins and nutrients which enrich your body and enhance your sperm count and quality. MaxoCum is offered with 90 days money back guarantee.