Monday, January 7, 2013

How to boost Sperm Count and have Sperm Viability

There are basic rules to pursue when it comes to enhancing male fertility. Men need to follow a proper approach on how to boost sperm count, which is verified safe and effective. Stay away from hot baths and shower, give up on smoking, reduce alcohol and eat healthy as all these will certainly impact your sperm production.

Men also need to increase their sperm volume. A way on how to boost sperm count employs various ways such as not sitting for too long or overdoing exercises.  These would increase the heat on the testicles and reduce sperm viability. Driving for long hours can also affect sperm quality. While the scrotum is intended to care for the testicles from severe temperature by raising or bringing them down depending on environmental weather, it is still best if hot baths are avoided. Extended exposure to heat may further affect fertility. For the groin area to remain comfortable, wearing of loose clothing is highly recommended.
Another easy way to increase sperm count is by consuming multivitamins and following a healthy diet. While there are supplements available to boost the semen volume and count, it is highly recommended to resort to natural male supplements as they are potentially harmless and free of side-effects.

Also bear in mind to take further precaution with lubricants as a lot of them are known to hamper semen quality. Avoid intake of drugs like marijuana, cocaine etc as they destroy the fertilization process of sperms, and can also hinder the making of new sperms. Often, they may also cause abnormal or deformed sperms.
In current times, environmental factors also play a role in decreasing sperm count leading to many problems such as male infertility. A healthy lifestyle is a verified approach to how to improve sperm count and overcome infertility.

Herbal sperm supplements are completely potent and recognised to improve ejaculations by 500%. These supplements are made from proven herbs, vitamins and minerals. It instantly improves sexual pleasure, semen volume and sperm volume. Using herbal sperm supplements is the best way to overcome the problem of a low sperm count quickly and naturally. They do not contain side effects and are extremely safe.