Friday, August 21, 2009

Sperm enhancement is now easy with MaxoCum, a natural remedy!!

Quite a large number of people in today’s fast world suffer from various sexual disorders. There are some men who are not even endowed with enough sperm release and often fail to reach an orgasm in time. In many men, the sperm count may be too insignificant to cause a proper ejaculation. Some may suffer from the lack of sperm motility. There can be a number of problems related to sexuality in men. Low sperm count is often associated with an unsatisfied sexual experience, which may result in a physical as well as mental blockade.

In order to make their sex life more satisfying and enjoyable, a lot of men would like to have an increase in their sperm count. Low sperm count affects the fertility of men which would cause a hindrance to couples planning to have a baby. An increase in sperm count is important because virility is an essential part of your life

All men would love to experience great pleasure in sex and if one has a large amount of sperm and an increased ejaculation it will make his partner happy too.

In order to increase sperm count you need to:

• Live a healthy life – increase the intake of vitamin rich foods and eat natural foods
• Regular exercises and keeping fit encourages better blood circulation which will help in increasing semen volume.
• Reduce stress levels
• Supplement your diet with herbal supplements

The natural medicine or herbal medicine is the best way to overcome a general ailment or a sexual disorder. The best part of combating an ailment with the natural formula is that there are no side effects like the prescription drugs available which have a lot of harmful side-effects. MaxoCum is a safe herbal pill that will add ecstasy to your sex sessions and is an effective remedy for low sperm count and other male impotence symptoms.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Important Sperm Concepts:

Sperm ability is one of the factors that affect sperm quality as well as concentration, morphology, speed, sub-fertility, and sperm count. If for any reason your production in any of these areas is hindered you may have troubles conceiving a child.

Sperm Count:

Sperm count refers to the number of sperms in the fluid that is ejaculated. There are a good over 50 million sperms in a normal ejaculate. There are 20 million to 150 million of sperm per milliliter. A sperm count lower that this indicates that a man maybe suffering from fertility problems.

Sperm Motility:
Sperm motility describes the ability of sperm to move properly towards an egg. Its importance can be understood by the fact that it enables the sperm to travel through the cervical canal, into the uterus and the fallopian tubes and, finally, to penetrate the egg. n healthy sperm, typically more than 50% are active with over 25% moving forcefully in one direction.

Sperm Concentration:
Sperm Concentration which is the measure of the number of sperm cells in a ml. of semen is usually around 22 million sperm cells per ml. of semen.

Sperm Speed:
If the sperm does not have the speed needed then they will die out before reaching the egg. According to the WHO in a healthy male, greater than 25% of sperm will exhibit progressive mobility that will in turn successfully fertilize the egg.

Sub Fertility:
This is different from infertility because it doesn’t mean that you cannot produce sperm, it means that you are having difficult with all of the previous factors. Sub fertility usually results because of injuries to your testicles, low hormone production, past illnesses, or side effects of certain medications.

Sperm Morphology:

A healthy sperm cell resembles a tadpole in its shape. Experts state that an abnormally shaped sperm cannot fertilize an egg.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Infertility and Sperm Abnormalities!!

Now a days the main reason behind male infertility is low sperm count, poor sperm quality or both. However in rest of the cases it may be due to chronic illnesses, malnutrition, structural abnormalities, genetic defects, and environmental factors.

Sperm abnormalities are associated with sperm count, quality or both i.e.

Azoospermia: - No sperm- It is a condition in which there is some difficulty or failure in the production of sperms in the testes. It may be caused due to genetic disorders, radiation, mumps and exposure to chemicals.

Oligospermia: - Low sperm count- The reason behind this disorder may be many including physical and physiological factors. It is characterized by 10million sperm/ml of semen.

Dysspermia: - Low sperm quality- this factor is considered to be the most vital in defining male fertility. It involves both motility and morphology.

Motility- Sperm ability to move
Morphology- Shape and size of sperm

Aspermia: - No semen production- When ejaculation does not contain semen.

All the above mentioned sperm abnormalities can cause infertility. Thus before going for any medication you should check the reason behind your infertility. Today people look for a medication that can improve their sperm count, quality and motility as well. By keeping this in mind, VitoPharma has come up with a complete sperm health solution “MaxoCum” that works to improve sperm count, motility, quality and quantity also. MaxoCum can increase your sperm count up to 500% because of its effective herbal formulation.

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