Friday, August 26, 2016

Boost your fertility and potency

An average man should produce 2-5 ml of semen per ejaculation and less or more than this count is abnormal.  The major cause of male infertility is failure to produce enough healthy sperm and Azoospermia and Oligospermia both cause infertility. Most men wish to increase their semen volume, potency as they want stronger orgasms and prove their manhood.

Herbal remedies are the right option to increase semen volume and sperm count naturally as they help produce more fertile and healthy sperms, which are motile and has no deformation.  Herbal sperm enhancement pills promote spermatogenesis, boost semen volume and sperm count and improves testicular, epidermal and seminal vesicle functions.  To know more about an effective and safe herbal supplement visit

Monday, August 8, 2016

Satisfy your women with power ejaculations

Increasing the volume of a male's semen during climax feels better for the man and woman and women also prefer men who ejaculate more as there is a greater chance of conceiving a baby due to increase semen volume.  You can increase the semen volume as well as sperm count by taking herbal supplements as they increase sperm count and trigger more stamina.  In addition it also boosts the erection size and stamina and can last longer in bed.  These supplements contain all natural ingredients that have been proven successful.  The ingredients are combined in the right combination and you will experience a larger semen volume and more pleasure.

If you want to increase your semen volume, try herbal supplements that will help with greater intensity in your orgasms that last longer and you will have a satisfied partner.