Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Low Sperm Count and Low Sperm Quality

There are many causes of low sperm count and sperm quality.  Emotional stress, psychological issues, hot baths, saunas, tight clothing, using laptops cause low sperm count as they cause testicular overheating. Cycling can cause genital numbness, alcohol and smoking can damage the sperms DNA which causes abnormal sperm morphology.  Marijuana, cocaine and opium are some of the drugs that can affect the sperm count and even use of lubricants during intercourse can affect sperm motility.

There are various ways to increase sperm count and quality some of which are mentioned below:

Keep away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Avoid using laptops for a long time, hot baths, fitting clothes, cycling or any other activity that can raise scrotal temperatures.
Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing and meditating.
 Reduce your body fat and maintain normal healthy body weight.

Try herbal supplements which are very effective in increasing sperm count and volume without any side effects.