Monday, June 8, 2009

What makes high sperm count an essential need for your man?

Today every man wants to be healthy sexually. He wants to overcome all the prevalent sexual issues like small penis size, poor erection, low sperm count, early ejaculation etc and desire to meet the demands of his lady love.

All men are very much particular about one such issue that is low sperm count as it can cause infertility. Men desire to increase sperm count because of the following reasons:

• They think that a large volume of ejaculate proves them manly and virile in front of their partner.


• Normal sperm count helps their partner to conceive easily

• They feel more confident with increased sperm count.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sperm Enhancement is now Possible Naturally!!

Sperm count is one of the most important aspects of men sexual life. It not only improves sexual desire but also helpful in making a woman pregnant. Sperm count indicates the fertilizing capacity of man. There are certain disorders associated with the low sperm count i.e. infertility, impotence and other sexual dysfunctions.

Oligospermia is referred to a condition in which sperm count is below the normal count. However Azoospermia is referred to a condition when there are no sperms at all. Both conditions lead to infertility restricting couples from conceiving.

Low sperm count may be because of various reasons such as excessive alcohol intake, smoking, prostate gland infection, and obesity.

Thus it is essential to increase your sperm count in time to get rid of infertility problem. Among various sperm enhancement products available in the market, herbal supplements are considered to be the best. Herbal supplements do not cause any adverse side-effects and curb your ailment naturally i.e. MaxoCum. MaxoCum is a natural sperm enhancer that works effectively for you to give your sexual life a new meaning.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Herbs For Improving Male and Female Fertility!!

Nature has flooded with a number of useful and potent herbs that can naturally increase your fertility. All well known herbal products for curbing infertility problem make use of these herbs to deliver best results. Some of these herbs are listed below:

 Black Cohosh:

This herb is a phytoestrogen which treats swings, hot flashes and vaginal dryness associated with menopause. Phytoestrogen are actually non-steroidal, plant derivatives that enhance estrogen receptors in various parts of the body.

 Evening Primrose Oil (EPO):

EPO enhance the production of more fertile quality cervical fluid which is known as “egg white cervical mucus”. This fluid is thin, watery and clear that helps the sperm to swim through the uterus, into the fallopian tube and then to the egg easily.

 Ginseng:

It improves male fertility, fights against male impotence and stimulates the immune system. Furthermore it also increases testosterone level, sperm count and motility.

 Pycnogenol:

This herb consists of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, making it a super antioxidant. The antioxidant improves the quality of sperm in men with fertility problems

 Saw Palmetto:

It strengthens the male reproductive system with its tissue building and gland stimulating properties. This herb is used to curb male impotence, low libido and prostate inflammations.

 Flaxseed Oil:

Flaxseed oil helps to keep sperm healthy and curb male impotence. It is an amazing supplement which should be taken when a couple is trying to conceive a child.

 Withania Somnifera:

It provides relief in stressful situation. This herb helps in maintaining healthy muscles and bones together with healthy reproductive system.

 Mucuna Puriens:

It assists in a number of conditions like Parkinson's disease, infertility, and low libido.

 Asparagus adscendens:

It treats infertility, menopausal problems, hyperacidity, stomach ulcers and bronchial infections. This herb also improves low libido.

 Tribulus terrestris:

Tribulus is most often used for infertility, impotence, and low libido. In the last decade, it has become popular to improve sports performance.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Rid Of Infertility Problem with Herbal Supplements!!

At some stage of life every person wants to complete their family by having their own child. However many of them remain disappointed due to certain reasons which are restricting them to conceive a child. The reasons may be many but the most prominent one is “low sperm count and motility in men.

Low sperm count and motility makes a person infertile. Infertility is referred as the inability of a person to produce a healthy offspring. Moreover not only men but women also suffer from infertility problem but now a days most of the cases are coming with male fertility problem.

There are a number of factors affecting male fertility or causing low sperm count like:

Stress: - Psychological issues and emotional stress can leads to low sperm count.

Exposure to high temperature: - Hot bath, tight clothing, saunas, fever and even laptop usage- all can cause testicular overheating resulting in low sperm count.

Recreational drugs: - Cocaine, opium, and marijuana can adversely affect sperm count and quality.

Alcohol: - One of the main reasons for infertility

Smoking: - It can damage the sperm’s DNA, sperm morphology and cause fetal defects.

Lubricants: - Use of lubricants during sex can affect sperm motility.

Among various treatments available to increase sperm count, herbal medications are gaining popularity these days. Today more and more people are opting for herbal medications because these medicines are 100% safe with NO side-effects as well as can curb ailments completely. One such herbal supplement is MaxoCum. This herbal supplement increases sperm count up to 5 times. It is a perfect remedy for improving your sperm quantity, quality and motility.