Friday, November 20, 2009

Sperm Enhancement through Herbal Support!!

Sperm count is a vital factor affecting fertility of a man. However low sperm count may leads to infertility that is very common now a days. Low sperm count may occur due to old age, stress, obesity, smoking, over indulgence in sexual activities, steroids usage, more physical and mental activities, exposure to heat, lack of sleep and rest, malnutrition, hot water baths, alcohol consumption, diseases like vericoceole, diabetes, drugs abuse etc.

However you can minimize the risk of low sperm count by avoiding the above mentioned factors. If you wish to improve your sperm count, you can try some natural treatments or herbs also i.e.


This is an incredible herbs used since ages to improve sperm quality. It enhances your sexual stamina. Shilajit is highly effective in increasing sperm count thereby improving the endurance. Furthermore it also contains anti-ageing property that helps you to stay younger.


It is an herb well-known to promote production of quality sperm. This herb possesses properties which help in increasing sperm count. It promotes sexual ability of an individual thereby enhancing endurance. Ashwagandha is widely used as painkiller also.


It is a natural sperm enhancement remedy that works incredibly in improving sperm count, quality, quantity, and volume. It maintains the overall health of sperm. MaxoCum increases the production of sperm up to 5 times. It is completely safe and consists of effective herbal ingredients that are known for their sexual enhancement properties since centuries. MaxoCum has no nasty side-effects. To know more about this amazing sperm supplement, visit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Causes of Male Infertility and what can be done about it?

Infertility is a growing problem in this world. The first step to increasing sperm count is to look at what some of the causes of reduced counts are.
So, let’s talk about the factors that may be affecting your fertility and your partner's fertility.

Sperm Blockage - Natural fertilization can only occur when the sperm cells are able to travel to their destination without any impediments. One of the main reasons for male infertility is the blockage of the passages that carry the sperm towards their destination. These blockages can occur due to several reasons including an infection, injury, any physical anomaly or vasectomy.

Erectile Dysfunction: - An erection is necessary for delivering sperm naturally out of a man's body, which is why this condition renders him infertile.

Inability to produce Sperm: - This is also known as Azoospermia. The chief cause for Azoospermia is change in temperature. Thus, even the slightest increase in temperature may cause them to die leading to an eventual termination of sperm cell production.

Infections: - Infections are one of the major reasons for low sperm count and even sterility.

Genetic Disorders and Hormonal Abnormalities: At times, certain hormonal abnormalities and genetic disorders may break on the natural and healthy production of sperms. These disorders include hyperproactinemia, hypothyroidism, adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, hypogonadism etc.

Smoking - Men who smoke are 60% more likely than non-smokers to be infertile. Medical research indicates that egg depletion and sperm damage caused by smoking is the cause for this decrease in fertility.

Other Causes of a low sperm count -Tight underwear reduce counts, Long baths in steaming hot water, Overweight and obesity can cause fat layers to form on the testicles thus reducing the count. Besides, Stress, having zinc deficiency and infections of the prostate gland all contribute to having a low sperm count.

Once you are aware of these causes, there are some solutions that a man can take. Some good Herbal supplements can help you to increase your semen volume, increase sperm count, motility, and overall good sexual health. MaxoCum is a renowned name when it comes to tackling the issue of facing infertility and a low sperm count. This herbal pill has multi benefits - For more information - visit its website -

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Low Sperm Motility: Causes and Treatment!!

Low sperm motility is also referred to as Lazy Sperms. Sperms show poor motility when they have difficulty in moving towards their goal that is egg. The motility of sperm can be measured in two ways:

By calculating the percentage of sperm exhibiting any type of movement
By the quality of this movement which is referred to as “forward progression”

The normal sperm motility is 20 (micrometer/sec) or more. Else you can say that it is usually 40% or more of the sperm are motile. The condition in which sperm motility is less than 40% with subnormal sperm velocity, then it is known as Asthenospermia.

Low sperm motility is associated with infertility problem that is a very common sexual issue now a days. Low sperm motility may occur due to several reasons including:

• Nutritional issues: - Nutritional deficiencies i.e. vitamin C, selenium and folate deficiency or eating a poor diet can cause low sperm motility. However studies revealed that elevated levels of zinc may also leads to low sperm motility
• Certain medications: Steroids may affect sperms motility
• Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may cause low sperm count, as well as low sperm motility
• Stress
• Endocrine and urological disorder: Varicocele and chronic infection in urinary tract
• Chemotherapy, obesity and exposure to heavy metals
• Genetic factors like klinefelter syndrome, kartagener syndrome and cystic fibrosis


You can improve your sperm motility by eating healthy, avoiding alcohol and smoking. However if you want to get all the essential nutrients through some supplement then you can try MaxoCumTM. MaxoCumTM is a purely herbal supplement meant for curbing fertility related issues like low sperm count, motility, volume and overall sperm quality. It is known to improve sperm count up to 5 times and being a natural supplement it is completely safe. MaxoCumTM has numerous other benefits which may be beneficial for you also. To know more, Visit