Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Simple ways to Increase Sperm Volume

Being a man you need to perform at work and in bed too. A virile man can satisfy any woman. To attain that status, you ought to have a couple of things working together. But one of the main important requirements is your semen volume. The more semen you ejaculate, the better your virility is and the more powerful the pleasure and orgasms. But sadly, a majority of men these days suffer from low semen volume problems. Natural fertility solutions based on herbs can come as a big relief for you if you are looking to increase your semen volume.

Consume healthy foods
In order to boost sperm volume, you need to enhance your consumption of vitamin rich foods. Also follow a healthy and balanced diet and make sure you get the right hydration

Give up on Smoking
Smoking considerably alters sperm volume and sperm cell motility. It also affects fertility and is usually considered unhealthy.

Regular exercise constitutes a large part of a healthy lifestyle. It lowers stress levels and also overcomes sperm damage. Moderate cardio exercises, yoga and meditation are usually suggested. Increased blood flow throughout the body especially in the sexual organs cause’s harder and longer-lasting erections along with increasing sperm volume.

Natural Supplements

You can consume natural herbal supplements to help maintain sperm health and maximize semen volume as they are proven to be very vital to sperm health.