Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foods that increase Semen Volume

Semen levels can increase if a proper diet is consumed; foods that supply amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the body to increase semen production.

Water is good all round and very important for the proper functioning of our body.  At least 8-10 glasses should be taken every day to avoid dehydration.  Therefore adequate amount of water should be had every day as it helps increase semen level.

Leafy vegetables, vegetables like spinach, okra, asparagus, and broccoli are also good for increasing semen levels and they are good sources of amino acids. Lean meat, tuna and poultry products are good sources of various amino acids.  Tomatoes, guava, banana, avocado, water melon and grapes also help to increase semen counts as they are rich sources of vitamin A and C which are essential to the body.

Raisins, hazelnuts, almonds are rich sources of zinc and works to increase semen levels as zinc deficiency is the main reason in men for various types of sexual disorders.  Herbs like ginger, maca are also very helpful in increasing semen level as it helps in circulation of blood.  

Besides taking proper foods to increase semen levels, it is necessary to avoid heat to the testicles, having too much of caffeine, alcohol, smoking, spicy and too much salty food.  Have adequate sleep, regular exercise and keep a check on your weight.   

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