Thursday, November 10, 2016

Causes of Low Sperm Count and ways to increase sperm count and quality

Many men suffer from low sperm count all over the world. There are various causes for low sperm count.  Emotional stress, heat exposure like hot baths, saunas, and tight clothing leads to low sperm count.  Exercises such as bicycling can raise scrotal temperature and excess alcohol intake lowers fertility.  Smoking, tobacco chewing can cause abnormal sperm morphology and damage the sperm's DNA which causes fetal defects.  Drugs like marijuana, cocaine can also affect the sperm count and quality.

To increase sperm count, avoid continuous use of laptops, cycling and tight fitting under garments.  Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse and lubricants.  Use protective clothing and face masks to avoid intake of toxic chemicals.  Exercise sufficiently and reduce stress by doing yoga, meditation and relaxation.  If you are overweight try reducing and maintain a normal healthy body weight.

Try herbal supplements which are better and safer than prescriptive drugs for this condition as they help boost semen volume significantly, improves sperm potency and sex drive safely with no side effects –