Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enhance your sperm for an enjoyable sexual life..

High voluminous sperm is a dream of every man.An increase in the volume of the sperm enables a man enjoy sexual intercourse better.For a more sexual gratification a man requires to ejaculate more volume with a greater force and for a longer period of time.Most of the women prefer men who ejaculate more sperm. Every man needs to have a healthy sperm volume so as to be able to procreate.

In the realm of sex, who doesn't want to have superior orgasms and better erections. You know how vital a big healthy load of ejaculate plays in male pleasure. If you feel that you are not quite satisfied with the performance of your manhood you should do something to increase your sperm volume and bring satisfaction to your partner.

For years men have tried a number of things to increase their sperm count. With the advancement of science and technology today there are many proven strategies for sperm enhancement.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Male Fertility Facts

Statistics reveal that in about 40% percent of infertility cases are because of the male partner. 10% factors in both the men and women contribute to infertility.

The causes of male infertility can be many. Some of the causes are problems related to sperm production, sperm transport, sperm motility, anatomical problems, blockage of the vas deferens and infections.

Problems with sperm production results in a low sperm count. Low sperm count and low sperm motility issues are caused by a number of factors. Hormonal changes, medications, drug use, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and testicular injury. Motility is the percentage of sperms that are moving or swimming.

Fertility is the most important issue on every male's mind. It is still not determined what a normal sperm count should really be. A "good" sperm is all that you need to fertilize an egg. The lower limit of a normal sperm count is set at about 10 million progressively motile sperm per ml. This is however a statistical average.

Men usually are unaware that they have a fertility problem until it comes to fathering a child. So, most men who do not wish to be a father don't find out that they are suffering from fertility issue. In such cases, Sperm fertility tests come into play. These tests are screening tests that enable the physician to identify males with potential fertility problems. They are convenient and reliable and can also be conducted in the privacy of your home. Apparently, if you find yourself a victim to such issues, a number of natural remedies are available today that identify and treat the issue of a low sperm count appropriately without causing any side-effects. For more details on all natural sperm enhancement pills - visit the website -