Monday, August 4, 2014

What leads to Low Sperm Count and how to deal with it

A man commonly produces around 20 million individual sperm cells per milliliter. A male is recognized as having a normal sperm count once he is able to generate the normal of 20 million or more sperm cells. Whenever a man suffers from a low sperm count below the normal limits, he is recognized as suffering from a problem which needs to be dealt with.

A lower sperm count frequently is the key cause for fertility problems. Other conditions affecting male fertility involve low semen motility, greater number of abnormal semen cells and low levels of semen. Obsessive habits such as smoking or excessive drinking could also impact health. These habits greatly affect semen production and health.

Low sperm count is the major cause for male infertility as this issue can be caused owing to many reasons. Herbal supplements help ease this problem in the best way by providing natural nutrients, and boosting the health of the reproductive organs for optimal functioning. Causes of Low sperm count include poor life style, unhealthy diet, being overweight and diseases. Low sperm count can be extremely damaging to a male's self esteem as it hurts a male's ego.  Know more about sperm enhancement supplements