Thursday, July 21, 2016

Boost Male Fertility with the right type of foods

Reports state that male fertility has been on a decline and this is mainly because of the lifestyle and dietary habits.  Low sperm count is one the main reasons of male fertility but there are certain foods that help men increase their sperm count. Have foods that are rich in zinc like animal protein like lamb, beef, turkey etc, oysters and other shellfish, nuts, barley, pumpkin seeds etc.

Your body requires certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins to produce healthy sperm count. Reduced levels of testosterone results in low libido and affects the sperm count and hence it is advisable to have food rich in zinc as it not only increases sperm count but also improves sperm motility.  Include foods that contain selenium, zinc, minerals and certain vitamins like C, E and B12 in your diet for the production of healthy sperm.  Keep your body hydrated and have lots of water.

There are Herbal Semen Enhancer supplements available which are a blend of proven herbs and other nutrients that help increase sperm count and semen volume and have helped many men overcome this sexual problem and improve their performance.  These natural supplements do not have any side effects and neither do they require a prescription.  Learn more