Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Increase Sperm Count and Fertility naturally

There are many reasons why women find it difficult and are unable to get pregnant and one of the reasons is having a low sperm count.  Men can increase their sperm count and semen volume naturally by having a diet that is high in zinc and Vitamin E because of its anti-oxidant effect helps the sperm to be more fertile and stronger.  Eat avocados, eggs, sweet potatoes and apples for Vitamin E.  Semen contains a lot of zinc and when a man ejaculates he loses a lot of it and as zinc is an important nutrient in sperm production it is essential to replace the zinc that is lost.  Shellfish, pine buts, eggs, cashew nuts, oysters, liver and fish contain zinc and hence it is important to eat these foods.

Another problem for low sperm count is when the temperature of the testicles is raised too high and hence wears loose fitting underwear like boxers and avoid laptop usage to avoid high heat in the groin area.  You can also try having a warm bath for half an hour every night which will help lower the temperature and thus increase the sperm production. Sperm count is highest in the morning and hence make love in the mornings and try to give a gap of 2-3 days before having sex.  Alcohol, smoking and caffeine have an effect on sperm production.

Herbal supplements for increasing semen count have gained a lot of popularity as the herbs contained in it improves the body functions especially the reproductive area.    They increase the sperm volume as well as the semen count effectively with no side effects.