Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All about Sperm Count:

For fathering a child, sperm count plays a very important role. It is a factor that affects a man’s dreams of raising a child of his own.

Many people fail to understand the actual significance of sperm count. A male’s sperm count determines the fertility of a man and his ability to produce an offspring. Sperm count refers to the number of sperms in a unit volume of semen. The average sperm count is somewhere between 20 million and 150 million sperm per milliliter. Lower counts leads to a man facing fertility problems.

If a couple is having problems conceiving, the first thing a physician would recommend is having the father get his sperm count measured. It enables the couple to determine the underlying cause of their infertility. A man should keep in mind that having a low sperm count does not necessarily imply that he cannot father a child at all. It just makes the whole process difficult. While women lose their fertility as they eventually age and hit menopause, men remain fertile for longer years. It’s not the sperm count that plays an important role it is also the sperm motility that is equally important. Sperm motility assists the proper passage of the sperms. Non-motile sperms are unable to reach the eggs for fertilization.

If you are desperately trying to conceive a child, there are ways that will help you do so. Timing the woman's menstrual period is essential in understanding when she is most fertile. Approximately fourteen days after a woman starts her period, an egg is released. This egg stays for approximately one to two days. However these are not the only days when a woman can get pregnant; however this is the ideal condition. Intercourse during this period is known as ovulation that boosts chances of conceiving.

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