Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Natural ways to increase sperm count and motility

How to increase sperm count is becoming a very common aim among men today and studies show that sperm count is on an average on the decline. The reasons for a low count are   environmental effects and lifestyle changes and these cause low sperm volume as well as higher levels of male infertility. Misconceptions about infertility have made women to suffer the problem and they think that she is responsible for the absence of children.  But their thoughts are wrong as today a lot of men, like women, also suffer from infertility.  Men due to excessive consumption of alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, exposure to certain chemicals at work are some of the factors of infertility.  Quite a lot of cases on couples who are not able to conceive is because of low count and motility of the sperm of the man.

A man having a count of 20 million sperms for every 1 milliliter of semen is considered normal and any sperm count that is greater or equal to that is a good sign of fertility but if it is only 10 million sperms per milliliter of semen or lower than that, then there can be an infertility problem.  Motility is the sperm’s quality and if a sperm has good motility then it is good. Due to poor diet, certain medications, abnormal sperm shape, etc. some men can have poor sperm motility.

Men suffering from low sperm count or poor motility can increase it by minimizing the consumption of drinks be it coffee or any other drink as caffeine and alcohol reduces the chances of conceiving.  Drink a lot of water and other healthy beverages to increase sperm motility; eat healthy foods and avoid fast foods and other junk foods.

Take a safe and natural herbal supplement which is also very effective to increase sperm count and semen volume. These pills are made of natural ingredients to help increase the volume of your semen and motility as well. It also improves fertility, increases semen volume and improves your sperm motility.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tips for men to increase sperm count and fertility

The one main reason why a woman cannot or difficult to get pregnant is the man having a low sperm count.  There are various natural ways for a man to increase his sperm count which will help him become a parent.

Have a diet which is rich in zinc and vitamin E as it helps the amount of live sperm and also helps in fertility.  Zinc is important in sperm production as when a man ejaculates he loses quite a bit and so it is an essential nutrient to replace the missing semen.  Foods like eggs, sweet potatoes, avocados, peanuts contain Vitamin E hence you should eat these foods and for zinc foods like shellfish, pecan nuts, eggs, cashew buts, fish, oysters and liver.

When the temperature of the testicles is too high then it can kill live sperm and hence men should wear loose fitting underwear like boxers to avoid heat in the groin area.  Even laptop if used very often can raise the temperature greatly.   Also try having a tepid bath for half an hour every night as this helps lower the temperature and increase sperm production.  You should also make love early morning or afternoon and less often.  Studies have shown that sperm count is highest in the morning and also limit to 2-3 day gaps before having sex as less a man ejaculates the more time sperm can be produced so that there is more upon ejaculating.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking.   

Using completely safe, effective herbal sperm enhancement supplements  can help increase sperm count and overcome infertility.