Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enjoy strong and Powerful Ejaculations all naturally

Infertility in men can be largely owing to genetic factors. It can be due to some infectious sexual diseases and also because of wearing undergarments for a longer period of time.

Decrease in sperm count may also be of smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. In some people this deficiency takes place due to great physical and mental stress. Recurrent ejaculations may also lead to lower sperm count and weak ejaculations.

 Some of the factors causing sperm count problems include:

1. One of the most significant things is to consume a healthy diet loaded with minerals, proteins and Vitamins. Zinc is also essential in increasing sperm volume in men.  Zinc does not play an important role in boosting sperm count but also promotes better sperm motility. Zinc in combination with amino acids is essential to triggering sperm count production.
2. Junk foods and processed food also have a damaging effect on your sexual health mostly in terms of sperm count and semen production.
3. Consume as much water as you can. This keeps the body hydrated. Inadequate water in body may cause dehydration.
4.  Foods such as wheat, sunflower seeds and fruits such as banana, etc also can trigger semen production.

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