Monday, April 29, 2019

Improve your fertility and sperm count naturally

If you suffer from low sperm count then it could be one of the main causes of male infertility.  The other causes that lead to low sperm count in men are due to stress, tight inner wears, heavy cycling and pressure to perform.  The other major cause is due to major exposure to heat as sperm can survive only in low temperatures. There are many men who suffer from infertility and varicocele and deficiency of vitamin C can also be the reasons for decrease in sperm count.   Men suffering from low sperm count can try various natural ways to increase it as well as the volume of the sperm.

Men should follow a healthy diet that should include zinc and folic acid which helps boost the sperm volume.    Do not wear tight underwear as the temperature of the scrotum tends to increase with it and could affect the production of your sperm; hence wear boxers or something loose. Stop smoking as it’s the major cause that kills your sperm and avoids stress.  Relax by doing exercises, meditation or yoga.  Drink lots of water and follow a healthy diet as changing your lifestyle habits will help maintain a healthy production of sperm. You can increase your sperm count and semen volume by taking an herbal supplements which is the best way as it does not require any prescription and also there are no harmful side effects.  They are economically priced, very effective and help you increase your sperm volume and count in a safe way

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