Thursday, May 30, 2019

Improve volume of semen production

Many men believe that having a high semen volume would make him a better performer in bed and it is also because the more semen you secrete the stronger are the sensations during orgasm.  Another reason why men want to increase their semen volume is to prove their manhood and virility to their partner.  The most important reason is that a healthy volume of semen leads to fertility and hence for a couple who are trying to conceive, it’s good to have an increase in the volume of his ejaculation.

Semen is made up of nearly 98% water and hence men should always stay hydrated to increase the fluid content in the semen.  You should have a diet which are high on protein and avoid fat foods as this helps to keep your weight on check and also increases the semen volume as poor diet leads to decrease in quantity of semen. Start taking a diet which will provide your body with all the nutrients that are needed for sperm and semen production such as beans, nuts, whole grains, leafy vegetables and fruits and avoid red meat.   Exercising is also important; cardio exercises are good as it improves the blood flow to your body which in turn helps improve semen volume and even light exercises should be done daily to improve the testosterone levels of the body.  Quit smoking and taking alcohol.

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